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Our programs are focused on supporting the training of young people to generate opportunities for their future

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mission is

To create opportunities that support youth in realizing their talent. We work so that  children and young people have access to knowledge and other cultures, thus expanding their horizons and generating new projects in their lives. We also seek to offer a cultural alternative for the Midtown community and position ourselves as a cultural benchmark in Milwaukee.

Community center

Our efforts are aimed at establishing a cultural center to support the artistic development of children and youth in Milwaukee. With the support of the community, we are expanding our space so that more and more children and young people have the opportunity to access all artistic expressions. Our goal is to be able to establish our Community Center so that the youth and children of the Milwaukee Midtown area have access and practice in all artistic areas.


Our outdoor gallery aims to support equity in access to art in the city and to provide an open space for visual artists who wish to carry out their exhibition projects for the community. In addition to being an artistic and tourist reference in the city of Milwaukee that benefits the Midtown community.

we are

Jóvenes con talento INC

We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization  created in 2019 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and since 2008 in Bogotá-Colombia to develop projects that contribute to building a better society through art. Our organization is made up of academics, teachers, community members and volunteers with the common goal of providing unique learning experiences, generating opportunities that would not otherwise be available to them. We seek to help connect academics, artists and scholars so that their knowledge reaches the youth and children of the community and thus support their future life plans.

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Strategic Partners

 Red informativa de las Américas, The outline factory LLC,  Revista Nuestro Congreso, Muse 33, Arts @ Large, Hope


Our programs are focused on supporting the training of young people to generate opportunities for their future. Taking their needs into account, our programs benefit the entire community at large. We involve the entire community to benefit more children and young people in artistic education. We invite you to follow our networks and to participate in our events. Your contribution helps us to continue working to expand the access of children and youth to all artistic expressions.

Our programs

GK, K, 1-8th grades

We offer art programs in schools, designing each program with the specific needs of each school and the goals they want to achieve together with our artists.

Community – families, Neighborhood, events

We offer workshops and training for the integration and enjoyment of families and their territory, where special guests in the field of art and culture participate.

Artist residences

Within the framework of the intercultural exchange that Jóvenes con Talento INC promotes; Every year we open the doors of our workshop house in Milwaukee to all those international artists in the areas of visual arts, music, theater and literature who want to share their proposals and experiences with the Milwaukee community in order to enrich their careers and expand the cultural offer of the city and the Midtown area.

After-School classes

Our workshops are also focused on offering alternatives to the good use of free time for girls, boys and young people through art, science and sports. After the school day, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in creation with local artists who guide them in developing skills in the arts. The artists involve students from the age of 8 in art exploration activities.

Cultural exchange
spanish and other languages

One of the main barriers to the integration of different cultures are languages. Our goal is to bring the community closer to different cultures through art and foreign languages. In order to support the integration of cultures in the city of Milwaukee, we develop intercultural meetings in the community for the exchange of languages in a practical and playful way through experiential experiences with specialists in the fields of visual arts, theater, dance and live music from different parts of the world.

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Joaquin Rojas P.

Development Director

Benito Vilma

Program Director

Catalina Bayona

CO-Founder | Executive Director

Board Members

Andrea DeGreiff


Carmen Aponte

Visual artist & Occupational Therapist

Patricia Luevano

Community Health Leadership Coordinator & Educator